Yamaha Wolverine 350 4X4 CV Joint Change and Spindle Bearings

April 13, 2010

In this two part video series I will remove a broken cv joint and change out the spindle bearings that are bad also.

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4 Comments to "Yamaha Wolverine 350 4X4 CV Joint Change and Spindle Bearings"

  1. Mike wrote:


    I like the video but you skip all the important info, like how to pull the shaft out, removing bearings ect. A step by step would be nice. BTW, when pulling the cv shaft from the front diff how do you get the keeper ring to come loose? I was pulling on mine but dont want to break it.

  2. Dracony wrote:

    Its really hard to read your blog from my mobile device =( And i can’t find the rss feed(

  3. daniel wrote:

    well how does the hub come off????????????

  4. Ari wrote:

    I’m giving this cart 5 stars beuacse the quality is excellent. Just a word of caution however; if you have hilly property and plan on pulling this manually it WILL be very hard to do beuacse this item is a beast (heavy). Go with a smaller cart. It will want to run you over going down hills and will really work your gluts going up hill, LOL. However this cart is very well balanced beuacse when I was running in front of it (to prevent being run over going down hill, LOL) I made it turn sharply in order to slow it down and it did NOT tip. I somehow got it in my head that this wagon only weighed about 70 LBs but it’s over 100 LBs. I had researched so many carts that I think I got my descriptions crossed. Assembly is simple as the parts are all sealed/shrink wrapped into stages on cardboard.Pros1. Sturdy2. Well balanced3. Holds A LOT4. Easy to turn5. Easy to dump6. Rolls well (almost too well )Cons1. No brake or wheel lock which makes dumping (or parking to scoop it out) it very hard to do unless perfectly level. Make sure you carry something to chock the tires. Even with turning the handle to go in the opposite direction it still wanted to roll.Updating on 8/2/2012The cart continues to perform beautifully. It has been living’ outside in the weather and shows no signs of rust or damage. The shell is still in great shape. We have been having a brutal summer w/ temps reaching and staying in the high 90s-low 100s with very high humidity. Normally unprotected, painted, metal items don’t last long here in the humid south but this cart is doing great. I also have not had to inflate the tires since the original inflation which is unusual w/ many of these small tires.Updating 5/18/13 (original purchase date of April 8, 2012)Still holding up great despite keeping it outside. Still have not had to add air to the tires. Paint has turned chalky colored but I expect nothing less being kept in the weather. Still no rust and the plastic tub is still in great shape. I figured I’d give this update being this is an investment’ of over $100.

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