Daihatsu CV Joint

March 20, 2011

Daihatsu CV Joint

Daihatsu CV Joint

We manufacture CV Joint and CV axle for mini SUV Daihatus Rocky, City car Daihatsu Cuore / Daihatsu Mira and supermini Daihatsu Charade 75 / G10 / G11 / G100 / G200, and also other Daihatsu vehicles. Contact us for more details.

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25 Comments to "Daihatsu CV Joint"

  1. Juan Tang Yew wrote:

    need velocity joints for my Daihatsu rocky

  2. m.emman ali wrote:

    please mail us the price and detail of lee cv joints for all Japanese cars.

  3. Angur Miah wrote:

    I didn’t know thier was different ways of writing a C.V. This site helped me boost my C.V.

  4. antho wrote:

    Hi dear Juan what is the price for the tripod, does it fits daihatsu charade 2005. please send me the price from both side of the tripod of inner cv joint. thanks in advance.

  5. keith fenton wrote:

    I need a cv joing for a diahatsu ferosa1993

  6. cha wrote:

    i need a cv joint for a daihatsu spider..where can i buy it?

  7. The Anh wrote:

    HI, I need tripod C.V Joint for daihatsu charade 5 door hatback 1.0 EL, where can i buy it or give me code of that item

  8. Godwin Mapfudza wrote:

    How many splinds are on outer cv joint of the Daihatsu mira, 2006 model

  9. greg booth wrote:

    where can I buy cv joints for 1990 rocky

  10. mortgage wrote:

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    the percentage of FHA loans to brand-new homeowners has
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  11. lovewin wrote:

    im looking for daihatsu sirion 2007 model outer cv joints pliz.where can i get them?


    lovewin 0848571633

  12. Michael Twomey wrote:

    Need a cv joint kit for a …

    1999 Daihatsu Cuore Plus 1.0 998cc
    Engine 5889123
    VIN JDAL701S001016354
    Model: L701, Description Type EJ Engine, Mounted Vehicle.
    Engine E-JDE EFI,

    Please advise.

    ABS? – yes

  13. Jan Calitz wrote:

    Hi Can you supply me with a inner CV joint for Daihatsu CX 1983 model?
    What will price be and delivery charges to Hopefield Western Cape? South Africa.

  14. Cobus wrote:

    I need to know what year model my daihatsu charade is please
    Engine nr 978945
    VIN JDAL 251S00105622
    Thank you

  15. Eric wrote:

    I need C.V joint for daihatsu sirion 1991 model 1.0 outer

  16. Eric wrote:

    I need C.V joint for daihatsu sirion 1991 model 1.0 outer price

  17. Rangi wrote:

    I need outer CV joints & boots please for a 2004 Daihatsu Charade. Model code: GPDE; sub model: 1.0P HATCH 5 4A; Engine no: EJDE8325626; 989cc; Petrol, Automatic, Vin no: JDAL251S001020467

    Hoping you can help
    Rangi (New Zealand)

  18. Arthur wrote:

    I really need right front CV joint for my Dihatsu Rocky
    can someone help me please,, what site will I go and order and what is the prize

  19. sean wrote:

    i need cv joints or both drive shafts for my Daihatsu atria 7 LA-S231G

  20. Locksley wrote:

    I am looking to purchase a CV Joint left arm for a Daihatsu Cuove 2002
    Chassis # JDAL 7015001031112
    Can you help where can I find to purchase same

  21. Aris wrote:

    Saya butuh tripod join untuk Daihatsu classy tahun 1995 kmn saya harus membeli

  22. jesse wrote:

    i need a cv joint forleft side for a s66. where can i get it

  23. Nicholas Dick wrote:

    I am looking for daihatsu yrv 2001 ta-m201g inner cv cups and where to buy them

  24. Tania wrote:

    Good day

    Please tell me how much is it for a Daihatsu sirion 1.3 2005 model tripod.

  25. Dupre wrote:

    Need right and left cv joints for 2007 daihatsu sirion 1.3l

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