Tripod Joint

March 15, 2011

Tripod Joint

Tripod Joint is used at the inboard end of car driveshafts, it enables power transmission even in case of angle shifting. Tripod Joint has needle bearing / barrel-shaped rollers mounted on a three-legged spider / three-pointed yoke, instead of balls bearings. These fit into a cup with three matching grooves, attached to the differential. The rollers are mounted at 120-degrees to one another and slide back and forth in tracks in an outer “tulip” housing.

This three-legged spider with tripod has only limited operating angles, but is able to plunge in and out with a longer distance as the suspension moves. A typical Tripod joint has up to 50 mm of plunge travel, and 26 degrees of angular articulation.

Tripod Type Inner CV Joint

Tripod Type Inner CV Joint

Tripod Joint

Tripod Joint

How does Tripod Joint works? Tripod joint animation in solidworks.

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5 Comments to "Tripod Joint"

  1. AJ wrote:

    I have a 91 toyota camry and im trying to figure out if i can replace the housing tripod or will i have to replace the entire transmission, i have the bell type.

  2. Inner joint apart when installing struts - Maxima Forums wrote:

    […] inner cv joint apart when replacing struts or doing suspension work. Here is a blog for reference: googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-13'); }); […]

  3. marco limachi marza wrote:

    catalog please

  4. Nikhil wrote:

    Can I get to which is more efficient in an off road vehicle. The cv joint or the tripod joints. Or any other drive shafts.

  5. Freddy wrote:

    2009 Merc. Sable Premier AWD i pulled the inner cv joint
    apart when changing strut forgot to take axle nut off, can i buy a new boot and grease and put it back together?

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