CV Joint Cage

July 14, 2011

Applied to the CV joint, CV Joint Cage props and enables smooth rotation of the ball bearings. The CV joint cage is spherical but with ends open, and typically has six openings around the perimeter.

CV Joint Cage

CV Joint Cage

CV Joint cage is a key components of CV Joint, as it is easily breakable. CV joint cage is usually made of alloys with high intensity and carburized heat treated to enhance the durability.

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10 Comments to "CV Joint Cage"

  1. fishey wong wrote:

    We produce the large ball cage CV joint.
    We want to publish our news in this website.

    Our large ball cage CV joint is mainly for steel factories, which some longer to 4 meters.

    We want to broadcast of our product.

  2. fishey wong wrote:

    Large CV joint used in steel making, continuous casting, hot rolling and cold rolling in steel industry and performs very well

  3. kay wrote: you sell cage and ball for grand cherokee 4.0L
    Outer CV Joint for 1997, ZJ’s Grand Cherokee?

  4. Robert parker wrote:

    1959 napco rzeppa joint, do you or can you make them?

  5. Gedeon Diamos wrote:

    Hello, are there any ball and ball cage that fits in the cv joint assembly of a hyundai sonata 2010¿

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