CV Axle Assembly Install Jeep ZJ

April 13, 2010

Replaced the CV axle assembly on our 94′ Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.2 V8.

This is the first of three videos showing from start to finish the process of removing the old CV axle assembly and replacing it with a new one. It includes tips to break the Hub Nut, which by the way is a pita, and also includes a list of tools used and parts needed.

This video is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as an instructional video. Any harm you may cause to your vehicle or your person is of your own doing and this video should have no impact on your decision to accomplish this repair. Basically, if you are uncomfortable changes your own brakes, move on.

This part is where we have the old CV Axle Assembly removed and are ready to install the new assembly and replace the Hub Nut.
To see the tools used and to see how the job was completed, see part 3 following this clip.

Part 3 of the CV (constant velocity) axle assembly install on our 94′ Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. This part includes replacing the Hub Nut, re-installing the brake assembly, connecting the Zero Speed Sensor, along with tools used during the process and tips and tricks to get the job done. The CV axle assembly for each side was purchased on Amazon for around $65 a piece.

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